Youtube Video Upload and Sharing App (Titanium)

Titanium Development Company in India
Titanium Development Company

The app is built for multiple mobile platforms using Titanium Studio. SQLite is used as the local database and PHP MySQL forms the backend. The app is an iPhone/Android Video Sharing developed generically for one network having several channels associated with playlists on YouTube. So, multiple apps can be created by changing the network name, network ID and associated channel IDs in the configuration file. Thus a kind of white labeling allows every network to have its own apps deployed to the store. The app lets users upload videos to YouTube from their smartphone making it possible to publish videos recorded on the phone, in minutes. OAuth integration and YouTube API are customized so that the captured videos can be uploaded to YouTube.

Portfolio Detail

The application opens with a list of videos, with the most recent viewed first. Videos are played in the native video player. A user can upload videos to YouTube instantly using his/her mobile. Videos can either be accessed from the phone’s gallery or after a fresh recording. A ready-to-view playlist of one’s favorite videos is another interesting feature of this app. Videos can be suitably titled and saved to the channel of choice. The search tool facilitates quick searching of specific videos from the huge video database.

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