Visiting Card Exchange (Android/iOS)

Digital Card Design mobile App Development

Create your own Cards. Send these cards to multiple Contacts in a single click. Received cards can then be tagged with Notes, Voice recordings, and images. Cards can be sent as Invitations that the recipient can directly update into his phones Calendar as a reminder. Cards can also be sent as a Contact (Visiting Card).

Portfolio Detail

Create your own Cards. Then send these Visiting cards or Invitation cards to friends. Invites that are received can be directly updated into the Calendar as a reminder. Received cards can also be tagged with Notes, Voice recordings, and images. One usage of the visiting card exchanger is for participants in events/fairs, where people tend to meet several more people of interest and would like a fast and easy way to exchange and save contacts for future use. Send cards easily to the incoming visitor. A visitor can take snaps of the location, person, or product that he needs to tag on the card for reference. Another usage is as a mass Invitation sender, instead of a simple SMS, or a WhatsApp image, use the Card-creator, to create your own Invitation card, and then send it to selected Contacts all in one click. What’s more, the recipient can allow the invite to update the dates into his calendar as a reminder service. We have used C# in the backend to expose web services.

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