Virtual Thumb Game (Unity2D)

Gaming Mobile App Development Unity 2D

This app is developed using Unity2D, C# and MySQL The theme is based on a game of thumbs that kids play along. It’s a tricky game which tests the user’s thumb speed, agility and accuracy. Some thumbs showing up on the game however can confuse the user as they are armed with a tac/thorn. As the user gets the knack of the game, his score increases and so does the game speed. Users can share their game score on the world leaderboard and with friends.

Portfolio Detail

This game tests the player’s reflexes, through the speed and swiftness exhibited by him/her. The user needs to hold on to a thumb appearing on the screen, until the next one appears. A wrong move like touching a thumb with a tac/thorn will cost the user his game. The user scores as long as he holds on to the thumb, a single miss and the game is over. The user can share his score on the world leader board as well as on Facebook and Twitter. The top 5 scores of users who played the game are shown. The background music adds to the anxiety and is a real booster.

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