Taxi Hailing App (Android/iOS)

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This is a Taxi Hailing app that consists of a Customer App (supported on iOS and Android) and a Driver App (only for Android). The Customer app allows customers to request for a ride from any pickup point set on the map. Closest drivers are sent requests. The acceptance is relayed back to the customer as a confirmation, and the route of the driver from his current location up to the customer pickup point is shown on the app. Approximate fare calculation is done when ride ends. Both apps allow rating feature. The backend comprises of the web services, pub-nub service integration, and an administrative site.

Portfolio Detail

This is a Taxi Hailing App, and consists of a Customer side app that allows customers to send a request for an Auto or Cab from desired pickup location. The app is on Android as well as iPhone. The secondary Driver app is an Android-based, and is tuned to receive customer requests when online. The customer app shows the nearest few autos/cabs to the customer, also mentioning how much time it would take for the driver to reach the pickup location, so that a request can be made for one. Subsequently the app also shows the approaching driver. Once the customer is picked up, the route of the ride is shown in progress, until the ride is completed by the driver. The resulting distance and fare is displayed to the customer. The Customer can also Rate the Driver. Besides this, a city-wise Rate Card is also available to the customer for reference. The Driver app receives ride requests according to their distance from the requesting customer, and their online/offline status. The Driver can see the pickup location on the map, can accept/reject the request, and on acceptance, can start moving to pickup location. The ride actually begins from the pickup location, and the distance and fare calculation is also managed on the driver app. This is then broadcast to the customer at the end of the ride. The Driver can also rate the customer. Rides can be canceled by the Customer, and the driver will be notified accordingly.

The complete backend and API was developed in Java.

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