Task Management & Gaming (Xamarin)

Xamarin Development Company India

This is a Task Management app developed for the iPad, using Xamarin. We used Xamarin-Forms which was very newly launched at this time. It was a challenge to use Xamarin-Forms at that time, as it was just released, and there was a lot that was still unsupported. For example the swipe gesture to open up options like Delete, which was very basic to any iOS app, was something that was not supported at that time. This app was all about list views and details. The list views demanded several actions as options in each row. The Task details was a flow of a few views as steps to creation or completion. The timeline was automatically added to the user’s Calendar and the user schedule was also shown to aid the task timeline setup. The Gamification part added interest to the app as it created a challenge for the user to gain points if tasks were completed in a predefined manner and within the preset timeline.

Portfolio Detail

The Task Management App was developed in Xamarin-Forms exclusively for the IPad user. It involves defining Categories and Goals and creation of categorized Tasks with preset Goals. Each Task can further be given a priority scheme, a timeline and sensitivity pointers. Task status can be changed by the user to indicate completion status. Gamification aims to create a challenge for the user in order to increase the success rate. Daily scores and Highest scores are displayed, and updated as the user completes stages of a task’s timeline. Developed with Xamarin-Forms when it was just released, brought forth several challenges to the development team. These were either in the form of limitations in the newly released Forms module, or as a result of the learning curve of the developers getting on board the Forms module.

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