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Storytime for kids can be magical and this app is a perfect solution for parents to cut down the screen time and virtual realities that dominate the lives of kids and instead engage them in reading books. The app developed using Xamarin Cross-platform tool, and Couchbase Lite adds a new dimension to a kid’s reading experience by adding sound effects and a personalized touch. A book reading device with a default reader is clipped to a book. The SparkUp mobile application, available on iOS as well as Android, connects with the book reader using Wi-Fi. Pre-recorded books can also be downloaded through the app.

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The app synchronizes data from the server using Couchbase. Only new or changed information is synchronized. As a result of the local database, the app is available for use offline too. The Bookstore, can be used to find new books for download. Downloaded books are available for later use in the users own bookshelf. A user can also invite friends to use the application, share opinions and details of books with other users or that of a community. The app keeps track of the number of times a child has read a particular book and notifies the parent about the child’s activity. Graphs and pie charts show the books read, books liked and most liked book categories. The app inspires kids to read independently by navigating stories recorded by their loved ones anytime, anywhere and helps them to choose books over screens. Users (parents, grandparents) can record stories in their voice through the reader, as they read aloud. These recordings get synchronized from the device onto the mobile automatically through the server by way of the app, thus being available for subsequent replay. So now stories can be heard by children in their loved one’s voice, at any time.

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