Stellar ICO & Token Creation

Hire Dedicated Blockchain Development Company
Hire Dedicated Blockchain Development Company
Hire Dedicated Blockchain Development Company

The Child Care Industry, despite its huge global market size and growing demands, has been suffering from chronic issues such as high staff turnover rates, under-compensated ECE labor, high dependency on the paperwork of individuals, low transparency in pricing and program, disintegration among different parties and lack of communication.
CHILD aims to eliminate such issues by creating a ‘Universal Child Care Platform’ for all parties, namely, daycare owners/directors, ECE/staff, families with children and ED departments and agencies of the government. It makes child care more transparent, open, connected, flexible and easy.

Portfolio Detail

CHILD token (CHILD) serves crucial roles as

  1. A currency for tuition/subsidy payment and
  2. A medium for profit-sharing for ECE,
  3. Curating Quality Class Planner and
  4. DAO funding.

C-USD token helps adoption of Child Token Platform. It’s a proof-of-fund token whose value is equivalent to that of USD.


The Stellar Blockchain proved well suited for ICO & Token creation as well as for the C-USD Payment setup. Especially since it stood out that made the need to go to any Exchange redundant. Moreover the overheads of Ethereum transactions in terms of cost per transaction and time taken per transaction, were both reduced drastically on the Stellar network.  The performance and cost-effectiveness of the Stellar network were the main reason it was adopted.


The amazing thing on Stellar is the ease with which we can create a new token! And then, it doesn’t give a language like Solidity that Ethereum gives. It gives an API that to transact with the blockchain. That itself makes life easier. But there are complexities in understanding the way Stellar works. It’s very different from the traditional!


The fact that there is no language, is both good and not so good. Stellar operates through a process that we had to first understand and fit into. It functions on the principle of raising offers and counter-proposals. Also, unlike Ethereum, it’s not just the Smart Contract Owner but has 3 roles of Users – The Issuer, Distributor and Investor, that play distinct functions and behaviors.


We interacted with the Stellar network through Horizon, a RESTful HTTP API server. Horizon is a straightforward way to submit transactions, check accounts, and subscribe to events. Because it’s just HTTP, you can communicate with Horizon using simple command line tools like cURL, or the Stellar SDK for programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Go, Ruby, Python and C. We used Node JS.

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