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This strategic eCommerce-enabling solution connects the buyer’s e-procurement systems to the supplier’s catalog. In this chain of entities, the supplier needs to connect to multiple procurement systems in order to be accessible by large buyers around the globe. This Punchout solution was crafted to be a cloud based online bridge between the supplier’s punchout catalog and various e-procurement systems. We built a scalable solution that first connected to the procurement giant Coupa. Later we integrated it with Ariba and SciQuest, two of the other, highly prominent procurement systems.

Portfolio Detail

Buyers can now seamlessly “punchout” to the supplier catalog from within their e-procurement system and create an order that returns to the procurement system as a requisition awaiting confirmation. The data transmission between the buyer and supplier systems is in cXML format which is the standard followed by the governing body. A PunchOut operation allows the buyer to create a purchase order from a supplier’s catalog while operating within the context of his/her procurement system. Buyers can not only create an order that returns to the procurement system as a requisition but on confirmation, a purchase order is also generated and sent back to the supplier’s system. Once the order is processed and filled by the supplier, an Invoice is generated and sent to the buyer’s system and thus reflected back on the e-procurement tool. This PunchOut solution implemented by Synsoft, gives an intuitive user interface to manage the configuration between the buyers and the supplier. An administrator representing the Supplier can manage all the Account information. Also accessible are helpful data listings like Order Listing, Order details, Buyer listing, with a useful search. The dashboard gives an interactive graphical representation of the various statistics, as also the total sales, revenue, orders received, number of buyers, etc.

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