Parking, Toll and Enforcement

Parking Search and Enforcement
Parking Number Plate Recognition
Parking Auto Payment

Smart City mobility solution to manage and enforce parking, tolls and public transit based on time, distance, location and speed. Features like finding parking zones around the user’s current location, automatic violation detection, and automatic ticket generation using an ANPR camera make this application unique.

Portfolio Detail

Enter Parkimon’s parking management platform that streamlines all aspects of parking management through a suite of solutions, from citations processing to enforcement, from speed monitoring to automatic wide area tolling, flexible and scalable for all parking and congestion management needs of a smart city.


The administrative website facilitates features like marking and plotting parking zones, tolls ways, speed limits on the cityscape, payment configurations, and more. These are reflected and viewed on the driver apps wherein the Scan-and-Go payment solution can have vehicles moving in and out of parking facilities easily and quickly, without the hassle of parking vouchers, stubs, vending machines or any physical infrastructure.


The drivers are guided to the exact available spot where they can avail of Park-and-walk-off solution.


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system that involves an ANPR camera perched atop a moving enforcement vehicle, scanning vehicle number plates in parking zones, at 2 vehicles/second while driving at speeds up to 55Mph/Hr. The violations are detected when vehicles are found to over-shoot the parking time available in the zone. The citations for un-paid parking can be issued in real-time via SMS, App and Email through the unique enforcement dashboard available in the Enforcer’s vehicle.


The enforcer desktop app data is then synched to the parking app server so that tickets can also be viewed and follow ups sent from the web in email.


Toll ways are pre-mapped into the system, and instead of toll booths and gantries, the system uses satellites to determine when a vehicle enters a priced zone or road and the distance it clocks in that zone. It has wide area and flexible coverage, and the ability to dynamically charge for distance traveled and time of day for congestion management i.e. automatic charging for off-peak car usage or “congestion pricing”.

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