Loyalty Stamps and QR Code Redemption (Xamarin)

Xamarin Development Company India

This app was created for Android and iOS platforms using the Xamarin Cross-Platform development tool. Xamarin Forms was used as a cross-platform UI API that enabled us to create user interfaces that we could easily share across iOS and Android. It also gave us the option to use native mobile controls of both platforms. So we could customize and target the user interface for individual mobile platforms with ease. The app is of the B2B premise. The basic functionality of the app is to enable businesses to build a loyalty program that attracts users, and users can collect loyalty and redeem it at an appropriate time and place.

Portfolio Detail

On launch, the app gives the users a list of deals available nearby. The deals are listed by brands or companies who wish to reward their loyal customers with bonuses. Details of every deal with expiry dates are presented to the user. The cards collected against each buy are stored in the user’s card pool and can be seen in the “MyCards” section. Once the card pool is full, user sees an option to redeem the bonus against it. This can be done by way of a scanner to scan the QR codes, or by way of an alphanumeric code. The app works upon the deals created and defined by the Administrator or individual Business Admins through the backend. These deals are pulled on the app, from where users can fulfill and then redeem them. This app allows Facebook login or registration with email. The GPS of the device is used to find deals available around the user’s current location. The ‘Deals’ section lists top 24 deals. The user can share/like a deal on a friend’s Facebook Wall. When the barcode of a product available on the deal is scanned using the app’s inbuilt scanner, it earns the user a loyalty card and can be seen in the ‘My Cards’ section. Users are informed about new deals through push notifications. Google maps show the location of the company offering the deal. Once the user has earned sufficient cards to redeem a deal, s/he is shown the card-full message from where the deal can be redeemed. Redemption involves either a QR code scan, or a code to be manually punched by the operator.

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