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The telemedicine mobile application can be used by Doctors, Patients, Medical Stores and Laboratories. It enables doctors to view their patient’s complete medical history in one place, write digital prescriptions, and get compensated for in-app calls. Patients on the other hand have digital prescriptions, laboratory test reports, and medical history reports all accessible on their phone. They can use the app for consultations with multiple doctors. The prescribed lab tests and reports are directly recorded on the app for future access. Patients can make prioritized phone calls with the doctor through the app.

Portfolio Detail

The telemedicine app is a handy Doctor-Patient collaboration tool useful across table consultations with doctors.


It primarily aims to give doctors accessibility to their patients’ previous medical records. This enables doctors to review the complete medical history of a patient in one place, in the presence of the patient or when on all. At the same time, it helps the patients organize their medical records in one place, for easy and all-time access.


An important feature of the telemedicine app is to enable the doctor to feed in the medical findings and prescription into the app for all future access. The prescription interestingly allows the doctor to trigger lab tests and send out notifications to registered laboratories and chemists to follow up with the patients on the desired tests.


Laboratories can upload reports directly into patient records.


The patient in turn has the medical prescriptions to follow up on, and to consult with other doctors too. He or she can go with the referred laboratory for the tests and have their reports fly into the app automatically, for immediate and easy access. They not only enable instant viewing of the reports, but also get added to the medical history of the patient, for future follow up.


One of the USPs of the telemedicine app is its in-app calling feature which gives patients a prioritized direct calling feature with any consulting doctor. The calls are chargeable and hence helps deter unnecessary calls from patients. Doctor’s can also avail of the calling feature to call other doctors for reference.

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