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Developed in PHP, this web application enables patients with challenging health conditions to solicit an expert opinion or get alternative treatment options from registered professionals worldwide. The website has been designed specifically around patients for whom it is otherwise difficult to get in touch with renowned physicians or surgeons from the US for a second opinion. Patients can use this website to apply for an additional review of their case with top specialists from major hospitals and get an authentic, professional and independent second medical opinion.

Portfolio Detail

The application allows patients to upload their case details and related medical documents for a second opinion from specialist physicians. The patient’s local doctor can also initiate a case on behalf of the patient. Each case is then allotted to a suitable physician by the algorithm that looks at suitability, physician’s free time, and physician’s weekly/monthly load. The allotted doctor then accepts/denies the case. Accepted cases are then reviewed and the doctor’s second opinion report is then submitted online. This is then made available to the case owner for download. The patient can request for various kinds of services, like, a written report or a one-to-one phone call or a video call pre-scheduled with the physician. A patient can view the history of all cases or open a new case. In case a physician rejects a case, it will be re-allotted to another. Patients can download their second-opinion report in a pdf format from the website. Patients can also ask for a phone call or video call to be scheduled with the physician. Doctors who are registered as referring doctors can login to the website and view all the cases referred by them, view the amount receivable for each case referral, and also open a new case on behalf of a patient. Registered Physicians can accept and review cases, submit their second opinion report and view payment history. An Admin can manage all users, set the percentage value to be paid as a referral bonus and the physician fees. An admin can view all the cases registered, update the status whenever required, and manage blogs and comments of users.

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