Shell’s Employee Sign-In, Sign-Out Mobile App (Android)

Employee Android Mobile Application Development Company

This is a native Android application developed for Shell to track employees logging in and out of work at a particular oil well. It uses a local SQLite database. The app supports English as well as Spanish. The app is intended to be used at the entrance of an oil well, to monitor the total time spent by employees at the well. As employees Sign in on the app, the time of sign-in is automatically recorded. Similarly the Sign out time is also recorded when the employee signs out. The total working hours are calculated taking into account the driving time entered by the employee. A daily summary of who’s in and who’s out can be seen on the app. The summary of the logs can be exported to an excel file and emailed for reference.

Portfolio Detail

The employee’s sign-in time, driving time (as entered by employee) and sign-out time are considered when calculating the total time spent at work. The app also shows the employees who are logged in now, and also by date. Users can be edited/deleted/added. Data logs can be imported into excel and mailed out.

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