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A comprehensive patient communication system, offering highly efficient, customizable and completely automated solutions to the dentist’s front-office. Now complemented with a value-added web solution that offers online Patient registration and appointment scheduling that integrates with the dental management systems like Open Dental, etc. Also offers document handling and web texting.

Portfolio Detail

The primary objective of the application is to intercept an incoming call, detect the patient, fetch critical information from the dentist’s pre-existing practice management system, and provide it to the front-desk.


As soon as a call is detected, the caller-information pops up displaying vital information about the patient including future appointments, recall treatments, remaining insurance benefits, treatment plans, family members, their account balance, patient referrals and important medical alerts. The information is gathered from the practice management software like Open Dental, which is already being used by the front desk.


With this information displayed, the front desk staff can click on any module to see a complete breakdown of detailed information. This provides easy access to important information on the click of a button, which is critical to be able to respond appropriately on the call.


Insurance Verification is another powerful and important feature that allows the front desk staff to have up-to-the-minute real time information regarding the insurance eligibility and benefits of the patients. The real time insurance verification automates a very important part of the patient fulfillment process.


Automated Reminders & Confirmations is yet another strength to the Dental front office system.  This functionality eliminates chances of missed follow ups and increases the chances of recalls. Moreover, these confirmations automatically update the appointment status in the dentist’s practice management system.


The Call Tracking feature keeps a record of all incoming calls and provides powerful integration tools with multiple existing practice management systems.


2-Way Texting is built right into existing practice management systems, allowing the front desk staff to communicate quickly and effectively with text messages. Custom templates can be created for all types of messages: Confirmations, Reminders, Recalls, Birthdays, Feedback Requests, and can be scheduled to go out automatically.


Integration with existing practice management systems is crucial as it ensures seamless data connectivity, reduces clerical error, and improves the workflow of staff members. This kind of integration helps improve office processes. The plugin was designed with this in mind, and is compatible with Open Dental, Practice-Web, and EZ 2000 as of now.


What’s on the Web…


While the applications is primarily a desktop application plugable with popular practice management systems, it also has a Web counterpart that is gradually taking all the functionality online. This is achieved via a backward integration into each dentist’s desktop office-ware.


Online Patient Registration, Appointment Scheduling, Document Handling and Web Texting are some of the currently available features.

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