Deals using Stamp Cards and QR Codes (.Net/C#)

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.Net MVC, C# and Microsoft Azure are used to develop the Administrative dashboard of this Reward Management System. A part of this development is a Web API developed in C# and consumed by the frontend which is a Xamarin based cross-platform mobile app. The other section is a complete Administrative module that allows the site owner to add businesses and business users to the system. These businesses earn a free trial period after which a subscription-based payment model comes into practice. Deals are defined by the business users using this website. A deal consists of a stamp card definition, and a redemption rule. Customers earn rewards in the form of stamp cards from the stores against particular purchases. The deal defines the number of stamp cards required for redemption, after which the customer can convert the offer using the redemption QR code. QR code creation, importing and printing is facilitated through the website.

Portfolio Detail

When a vendor/business registers, a Deal / QR code gets activated for a 14 day trial period. The Site Admin activates the user’s stamp card and generates and assigns real QR code from the ‘QR Code Setting’ page. The vendor can download this temporary code and use it up to 72 hours until the laminated real QR code has arrived by post. The control panel shows the stamps delivered, bonuses claimed, no. of users and the cards that are waiting for activation from the Site Admin. Mails are sent out at various levels after user registration, a week after registration, 30 days after registration and also when the number of users in a company hits a certain level. Batches of stamps are uploaded and managed. The QR code defines the number of scans allowed, the time slots when the QR code will work, the area within which the QR code will work and more. A vendor can build stamp cards, keep track of the delivered stamps, bonuses and the new registered users.

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