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A Daycare Management application consisting of 3 different apps working in sync. The first is the Daycare owner’s app that allows daycare registration, setup and enrollment process. The app for Parents enables Parent and Children registration, daycare search, enrollment, and finally child activity monitoring and day-to-day reporting. The Staff app allows daycare staff to monitor children, their daily activities, attendance and reporting.

Portfolio Detail

A vast application that covers day care registration, search, parent and child registration, auto-enrollment procedure, room allotments, staff allotments, daily activity monitoring and reporting, and much more. Let us take a look at some of the features…


Day care Registration and Setup – this includes the type of day care, its capacity, work timings, annual calendar, staff and children ratio, specialties, room specs, age group specification, and more.


Parent and Child Registration – Involves a complete profile update about the Parents, an each of the children.  These details are collected as per the norms. It is a one-time update and will apply across all day cares.


Day care Search – Shows nearby day cares suitable for the child’s age, and other parameters in consideration. The search can be made collectively on all children of a parent with an aim to accommodate all in the same day care, as far as possible.


Child Enrollment – Besides considering the number of rooms, capacity of rooms, age groups of children, and current availability, the auto enrollment logic also considers staff type, state regulations for room capacity as per age-group, day care’s annual calendar, schedule demanded by child, and more.


Daily Attendance – Check-in and Check-out


Child Activity Monitor – The Day care owner and staff can update every child’s activity as a group or individually, by selecting from the available options, posting pics and notes. This in turn becomes visible to every parent in real time


A Chat feature enables every participant in the child’s day care schedule to chat with each other.


Enrollment fees are payable within the confirmation cycle of child enrollment.


Withdrawal – Parents can process their child’s withdrawal by requesting the same within a certain time frame.


Staff Registration – allows day care workers to apply to day cares for jobs.


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