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Dating Website Development Company India
Dating Website Development Company India

This is a very widely used Dating-Coaching site, that offers a wide range of attributes for profiling. The algorithm working behind the site, tries to find the most suitable top matches, for the searching user. Different levels open up before the user, before he or she can actually meet the suitable candidate. The site gives a vast and helpful administrative tool using which the coach herself intervenes to help candidates find the best match.

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This online dating site is an on-going project. It was originally developed in classic ASP, and has now been upgraded to ASP.NET Framework 4.5 and SQL Server. The service has in place, an algorithm, that accurately tries to match people with the most suitable options. There are paid levels of subscription which open up more facilities. There are also products, and events that can be bought or booked online. The site has a vast Administrative module that allows the site admins to manage the entire process, users, events, reports and more. A large number of reports help in getting daily, monthly reports, that aim at helping in the marketing process.

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