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This is an Online Crypto Casino website or a Crypto Gambling website that uses Cryptocurrency and the Provably Fair cryptographic algorithm to provide a trustless gambling environment to online gamblers. It is also a fully responsive website and works smoothly on all screen sizes and devices. The website hosts the Dice game and supports multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin and Doge coin. Considerable focus has been on the creativity and user experience of the website so as to appeal to the online casino fans.

Portfolio Detail

The Dice game simulates the roll of a dice and the online version of this game allows users to play the dice game by betting in manual or auto mode. The power of Angular has been used in this application to create distinct and smooth animations that make the game more realistic and interesting.


In the Manual mode, user places his/her crypto bet amount and rolls the dice. In the Auto Bet mode, besides the bet amount, the user also specifies number of bets to play (could be infinite), action to be taken on win and on loss, and whether to stop betting when a specific Profit/Loss has been reached. Based on these conditions, the dice is rolled automatically and continuously over a sequence of bets,  and the result for each bet is saved. User can also alter the speed of the dice roll and this is effectively reflected in the animated UI.


The user also selects the winning odds or the winning probability within which he/she would like to play. This can be done by setting one of the following interdependent parameters…


Payout: User can set a payout rate based on which they will be rewarded upon a win.

Roll Under: User can set the roll under value

Win chances: User can set the win chances by increasing or decreasing this value


The highlight of this online Casino is that it is based on the Provably Fairness algorithm for the dice roll (Random Number Generation – RNG). RNG would involve some mathematics and can never really be as random as an actual dice roll. In fact it could therefore be predictable and open to manipulation. Provably Fair enables unpredictable randomness and leaves no chance of manipulation. It goes one step ahead by enabling the user to be able to verify the past result. This is why we can call it a trustless environment– one that does not require trust!


Provably Fair

It is a Cryptographic solution to bring transparency into the online gambling process.


In a “Provably Fair” gambling system, the method used to generate the result is made available for the public to understand. This being a cryptographic algorithm, cannot be used to predict the result beforehand. It only helps to verify that the result was fairly generated, that is, AFTER the game is played.  Not everyone is tech savvy to understand code and therefore, as required by the Provably Fair norms, we have published the method that verify the result that occurred in the game. Once the dice has been rolled, the Client seed, Server seed, & Nonce, are exposed to the player, enabling him/her to verify the published result using the given verifier. The subsequent game will be played with a new server and client seed generated.


Crypto Wallets

Multiple coins are being supported like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Lite Coin (LTC), Doge Coin (DOGE). Besides these, the online casino has also curated its own coin called EVEON to encourage users as they can play free using the Eveon coin.


Every user who registers on the casino gets a multi-coin wallet. Users can deposit amounts in any of the supported cryptocurrency wallets. After that he/she can begin gambling with their balance. Users can opt to gamble using any of these coins as long as they have a balance in the corresponding crypto wallet. So, if a user deposits some Bitcoins in the online casino, his/her Bitcoin Wallet on the site will show the Bitcoin balance, and enable him/her to wager in Bitcoin. All points earned/lost are maintained in user’s casino account which maintains user’s balance in each wallet. User can withdraw from the same wallet whenever required. So, if a user plays BTC, then the win/loss will also be in BTC, and so on.


Betting Stats and User’s Dashboard gives a live view of User’s Bets, All Bets, High Rollers and Races exposing each bet’s User, Time, Wager, Payout, Profit, etc. A Live Stats popup shows a live Graph with logged in user’s stats like number of wins, games played, total amount wagered, Profit, etc.



Eveon is the native coin of this online casino and is a free coin (i.e. has no value). Eveon coins can be claimed from the site every 15 minutes. A Captcha is integrated in the collection flow to prevent auto clicking bots.


Races can be played only with the Eveon coin. This enables users to bet even when s/he has no crypto balance.


Races conclude based on stats calculated every week on the EVEON coin. There is a ranking system based on user’s Eveon wager amount. Top rankers get some crypto balance as a Reward, based on rules set by the Admin.


All Eveon wallets get reset every week once the weekly race results are published.



2FA has been incorporated for security.

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