Windows Metro App

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This is a Windows Metro App developed in Visual Studio 2013 using Win JS, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. It is deployed to the windows store and can be installed and run on a windows 8+ desktop. The application has multi-language support. The backend for this app is built using Node.js as the server side technology with a SQL Server database and is deployed to Microsoft Azure. A two way data-migration program which is scheduled to run at fixed intervals is used for database synchronization between data maintained in 2 locations. The app is a Contact management tool that allows users to add, edit and delete contacts. Various levels of operation are enabled through different user privileges.

Portfolio Detail

The Contact form is designed to accommodate all details of the Contact, like address, phone number, email, etc. Contacts can add other Contacts but cannot change any permissions assigned. Users can view other Contacts but cannot add any new Contacts. All the contact details can be saved either in English or Chinese. The app is developed to easily accommodate more preferred languages in the future.

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