Charity Toy Delivery and Tracker

Toy Delivery tracking Website Development

The Dashboard for this toy delivery tracker is built using PHP’s CodeIgniter framework. The database used is MySQL. The Dashboard is mainly for the Super Admin to manage the activities of the toy delivery program. It presents all relevant, current statistics, like the number of children eligible to receive toys, sub charities, volunteers available and toys delivered/not delivered. The type of gifts (i.e. bulk gift, individual gifts, hampers and pickup gift) are distinguished and their count is maintained separately. While delivering goods, a list of pending families (if volunteers are not assigned), families in transit, families with duplicate entries and families who did not receive toys are recorded and taken care off.

Portfolio Detail

The Super Admin (Charity) has complete control of the site and can edit information and manage other users (sub charity). He/she can streamline the distribution process depending upon the donations received, location, availability of volunteers, and type of gifts available and so on. The entire region of distribution is divided into smaller demographic areas. A sub charity is created for each demographic. Sub charities can add families and children in their geographical location. They can also create sub admin to manage families and children. The available toys are managed and sorted in different categories. Volunteers are assigned to different areas based on their availability. The toys are tracked until they are delivered while undelivered toys are recorded and taken care off. A list of donors and volunteers is maintained.Number of volunteers available and cities covered are visible.

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