Calendar, Roster, Travel Plans, Messaging (Android/iOS)

Travel Plan Mobile App Development Company India

An iOS6 native application that aims to target resource sector workers out on-site to help them schedule their rosters, appointments and events and share them with other users (their colleagues, friends and family). Entails a complex administrative module with the database. The web services expose JSON data to be consumed by mobile apps.

Portfolio Detail

A native application developed for both iOS and Android, and aims to target resource sector workers, out on-site, to help them maintain their calendar, roster, appointments and travel plans and share them with other users (their colleagues, friends and family). Users can sync up events of friends and colleagues into their calendar. Only public events will be synced. It is a comprehensive scheduling app. The calendar is implemented exactly like the iOS calendar, with recurring events, editing and deleting of single or all events, and more. A Job posting board is also available wherein Recruiters can post jobs and these will be synced to select users. Travel schedules can also be posted and synced with users onto their calendars. Users can see similar travel plans to know about friends traveling to same place in same period. The backend, developed in PHP, is as complex with event scheduling being enabled for administrators too. Webservices exposing JSON data are used by the frontend apps for data retrieval, processing and storage.

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