B2B Applications for Food Supply Chain

Hybrid Apps Mobile-first design
Inventory Management
Salesperson Tracking & Notifications
Order Placement & Invoicing
Elaborate Campaign Management
Real time Campaign Alerts
Order Edits, Approvals & Order History

These are a set of Hybrid applications built using Ionic 4 catering to the Food Supply Industry. They follow the mobile-first design approach, are fully responsive and work smoothly on all screen sizes. The tech stack gives speed and performance to the otherwise complex data retrieval mechanisms.

Portfolio Detail

This project targets the following roles in the B2B Food Supply Chain Industry…

  • A Salesperson who works for a Supplier
  • Customers who are Business Owners of Restaurants/Food-Stores,
  • The Supplier Admin who is the Vendor supplying to the Stores

3 inter-connected applications are created to cater to each of the above roles…

  1. Suplai Ventas – For the Salesperson
  2. Suplai Pedidos – For the Customer (Buyer)
  3. Suplai Central – For the main Supplier Admin (Vendor)

Suplai Ventas:

This application is for the Salesperson. Multiple salespeople can work for a Supplier.

A Salesperson can do the following:

  • View Items.
  • Place Orders for multiple items on behalf of the Customer.
  • Edit and accept existing Orders.
  • View list of Invoices
  • Add new Customers and register a visit as well

Through this app, the Salesperson’s location is tracked so that the Supplier Admin can verify the stores that the salesperson has visited.


Suplai Pedidos:

This application is for Customers…i.e. Restaurant/Store Owners.


  • Customers can see all the Suppliers who have added them.
  • Can place orders for any Supplier
  • Can receive notifications about applicable Campaigns generated by Supplier Admin. (via SMS and/or Push notifications)
  • Can view all active Campaigns and its details.
  • Customer can set the days when they want to receive Campaign notification.

Suplai Central:

This is an Admin application is for the main Supplier (Vendor). Admins can…

  • Manage their Orders, Customers, Salespeople, Items and Inventory.
  • Invite their Customers for Sale and send Campaign notifications as well.
  • View their Order Stats and Salesperson Stats collected from Suplai Ventas app.
  • Pixel tracking for Customers viewing their Campaign Image/Video.
  • Create and Schedule Campaigns.

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